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GEPI (Erbil - IRAQ, Energy Panel Building Industry)
SPD (Producing Electrical Steel Transmission and Lighting Poles Galvanizing)



Commercial Agencies


MEGGER Provides a full service solution to meet your electrical test and measurement needs.
HIGHVOLT is a global leader in high voltage test systems and measurement equipment for testing devices used to transfer electrical energy.
MTE is a leader in manufacturing Test equipment and systems for the measurement and certification of electricity meters and transformer monitoring systems.
Multitek Intl . Provides total solution for test measurement, educational laboratories & workshops.


Varonaleds Manufacture and supplier of all kind of LED lighting (indoor, outdoor and street lighting) and solution provider for solar energy and photovoltaic power plants.
Eaton is a leading diversified power management company. (Formerly known as: Moeller, F&G, Cutler Hummer, Holec, Powerware, Cooper…)
SOFAMEL Dedicated to the production of electrical material of connection, as well as safety and electric protection material.
HYUNDAI Manufacturer of Power Transformers and Tap changers in Bulgaria.


Elprom Trafo CH, Producer and exporter of power transformers.
SNP is a Designer, Manufacturer and Supplier of all kind of Aluminum and OPGW Conductors for transmission lines.
(YAP) Produce Hardware & Fittings for Transmission, Distribution and OPGW Lines.


Main Office : PMC Building, Electrical Market, Kooran Makhmor Road, Erbil, Iraq.

Tel Main‌     : (+964) 750 447 6604    &‌ (+964) 770 447 6604

Office        ‌ :‌ (‌+964) 66 229 6787 - 8 & (+964) 750 317 4005 - 9